Majda awarded for having teaching at heart

Majda Davids with Fatima Smart of the Grassy Park educare centre where she works.

Majda Davids, of Rhoda-Tul-Atfaalceducare centre, in Grassy Park, was awarded first runner up for best early childhood development (ECD) practitioner, at the South African Early Childhood Development (SA ECD) Awards, held at the Townhouse Hotel, in Cape Town, on Wednesday February 15.

The National Development Agency (NDA), an agency of the Department of Social Development, is the custodian of the SA ECD Awards, which aim to raise awareness of the ECD sector’s goal to break the cycle of poverty.

The awards promote and recognise excellence, hard work, dedication and investment in the future of children by individual practitioners, community centres and organisations involved in early childhood development.

The annual awards have been taking place since 2003 in various categories including: best ECD practitioner of the year; centre of the year; trainer of the year; publication of the year; nutrition programme of the year; non-centre based programme of the Year and Programme supporting babies and young children with disabilities.

Within those categories, awards were given to areas such as, urban, rural and informal settlements.

Rhoda-Tul-Atfaal educare centre principal Fatima Smart, said Ms Davids got an award in the urban area category.

She said that in November last year the Department of Social Development came to evaluate practitioners at school.

Last month, the NDA invited them to the award ceremony at Townhouse Hotel.

“Ms Davids had no idea she had been nominated,” said Ms Smart.

“I nominated her for the award, as I believe and trust that she is dedicated and passionate about her children. She truly deserves the honour to be one of the best practitioners in our areas.

“I am proud and privileged to have her at our centre.”

Ms Davids said: “I was dumbfounded when my name was called, as I did not expect to win an award out of so many chosen practitioners. I thank the Almighty, my parents and the principal for having the faith and trust that I am worthy of such an award.

“My family always said I deserved an award. Most of all I would like to thank the little ones, as they are my motivation for striving and aiming for higher standards.”