On the catwalk

The holiday programme was hosted during the winter break.

Philisa Abafazi Bethu (PAB) ended off their three-week holiday programme with an elegant fashion show on Saturday July 6. Youngsters had volunteered their time to run a holiday and child protection programme. PAB founder Luncinda Evans said she was proud to give certificates to those who helped with the programme. “Not even the gang violence that is currently in our community had stopped us to showcase to parents what the children do at the youth programme and where we see the future for Lavender Hill. We are so proud, Greg Philander (project manager) and the team worked very hard and the success is evidence.” She also thanked sponsors Nabu’s Bridal shop, Vida make-up artists, Lavender Hill High School and the many others who assisted the youth and children. “Thank you for adding to the Lavender for the Hills. Thank you in believing with us that we have Lavender right here in the Hills,” she said.