Ottery kids have fun with reptiles and Santa hats

Nazeer Williams, 11, holding an iguana.
Ottery residents were brave enough to hold a python.
Ottery’s children get party packets and Santa hats during a fun day.

The Ottery Community Action Network, the Classics Mini Club and the Mini Club CPT teamed up to give 300 children in Ottery a treat.

They invited Reptile Garden’s Bjorn Unger to entertain the children with a snake show, close to Hector Road, on Saturday November 21.

Reynard Williams, of the Classics Mini Club, said they had topped off the day by giving the children Santa hats and party packs.

Lauren Juries, founder of Ottery Community Action said: “It was amazing.The children were scared at first, but then they got over it and touched the snakes. We invited children from Stephen Road, Lotus River, Die Duine and Perivale primary schools.”