Ottery’s ouma turns 99

Susan Apolles turned 99 years old but she still keeps herself fit.

Ottery’s Susan Apolles celebrated her 99th birthday at the Lansdowne Moravian Church hall on Sunday August 27.

She gave birth to nine children of whom her first-born passed away on May 23 this year, according to her daughter Adolphine Balie. “Ouma has 27 grandchildren, 49 great-grandchildren (number 50 is already on the way) and one great-great-granddaughter. We salute our Queen, our Matriarch, a staunch Christian who has been a stalwart member of the Lansdowne community,” said Ms Balie.

Susan Apolles who turned 99, with her children and their partners.

Ouma, as she is fondly known, had been a teacher for most of her life and actively involved in the Women’s Association at church – now as an honorary member – as well as being an honorary member of the 50+ club in Ottery.

“Besides loving board games – dominoes, cards, Scrabble, Rummikub, Skyjo – you name it – Ouma sends WhatsApp messages on a daily basis to her many contacts.”

Ms Balie said Ms Apolles embarked on a new endeavour this year. “Although using a walker in the house and a wheelchair when going out, she has a personal trainer, Rachelle Linderoth. What a role-model for all of us. We love you, Mom,” said Ms Balie.