Plantation Primary stalwart retires

Zainab Jansen, a Grade 3 pupil, was a little tearful when she handed Fayruz Abrahams a bouquet of flowers.

After 40 years of serving as the secretary at Plantation Primary School, in Grassy Park, Fayruz Abrahams took an early retirement package and said goodbye to the staff and pupils, on Thursday July 28.

Ms Abrahams, 56, said Plantantion Primary was like a “second home” to her because she had started at the school when she was only 16. The first principal she served under, Dr Christian Reddy, 91, took her under his wing.

“He made me feel so at home. He taught me the skills I needed to know. He was competent and very precise in his work.”

During her tenure as secretary, she got engaged, married her husband, Sedick, and had two children, Riefqah and Raadiyah.

Ms Abrahams grew up in District Six, then moved to Grassy Park, where she also attended Plantation Primary and Wittebome High School in Wynberg.

Principal Cedric Meyer said Ms Abrahams was faithful and trustworthy. “They say behind every man is a successful woman, but behind every school is a successful secretary. Ms Abrahams was the first person you saw in the mornings and probably the last before you left. She was an ambassador of the school and always had a smile. She was the one who would phone the parents when kids were ill. To Ms Abrahams, we say, thank you for a job well done.”

Ms Abrahams wished the children and the school a bright future. “Children must allow themselves to be seen, not just for who they are but for who they could be. Show respect love and understanding. Make a difference in society. I will miss the kids and staff and I hope they have a bright future. This is my heartfelt message for the staff and many who made my job easier. I will treasure these memories forever.”

Ms Abrahams said she would be spending her time looking after her grandchildren.

“After I decided to retire to help out my daughter with the kids, I received notification that my husband and I have been accredited to go on Hajj and will be leaving in this month. Things are just happening at the same time in my life.”

She said although she would be staying close to her family, she would also take time out to continue her passion for running.

“I will not forget the school and will be popping in when they phone me,” she smiled.