Property problems

Shafiek Abrahams, Retreat

In response to the story (“Family split after housing dispute”, Southern Mail, June 29), kindly be advised that I am the eldest son of five legal heirs and appointed executor of estate for the late Farouz Abrahams (our mom) of which the property mentioned by Zulfa Easton has been disputed since 2013.

Ms Easton was aware of the legal process from 2014 and an eviction order was issued against her on February 11. She contested the eviction order and the High Court dismissed her application as well. So, she was aware prior to Ramadaan of her pending eviction.

The two children have been living with their maternal grandmother in Lavender Hill all the years and the grandmother is in receipt of a child support grant for both kids.

Any documents in Ms Easton’s possession is somewhat questionable and submitted to Wynberg Court, and thus the court ruled in our favour.

The handing over of the keys was a result of Ms Easton hijacking all correspondence referred to the late Ms Abrahams to 26 Stone Court Lavender Hill, and no legal heir was notified of any communique from the City. Ms Easton had no power of attorney to have acted on behalf of Ms Abrahams. This was proven at Wynberg Court and judgment against her granted.

Ms Easton could never have accompanied our late mom to City as our late mom resided with Jasmine Abrahams (the eldest daughter) from 2009 until her passing on in June 2013.

Ms Easton states that she is now spending Ramadaan without her children at someone else’s house, which is untrue. As previously mentioned her children have been staying with their grandmother for years.

Ms Easton cannot inherit as per Islamic law (Shari’ah) and this was conveyed to her and to date I still get threatening messages from her family of which I have proof and ignore.

Also be advised that Ms Easton was assisted by three attorneys and an advocate over the period of dispute, so her ignorance made her go to various newspapers for sympathy. The estate attorney also advised her throughout the whole process and Ms Easton violated the eviction order by moving her belongings back onto the property after the sheriff evicted her on June 1.

A case was opened at SAPS Grassy Park by myself (CAS 34/06/2016) and to date her belongings are still on the property illegally.

* Zulfa Easton responds: How does Mr Abrahams know his mother never went with me to the office, when he never had time or contact with his mother? His sister Jasmine knows that his mother went with me as I picked her up on several occasions where she even read the documents.

And what is he referring to that I hijacked the house when his mother lived with her sister (my mother) all her life until she fell ill. My late aunt’s siblings and even her own kids all knew that she made me the dependant and wanted me to live in the house. When my aunt got the first letter about the house, none of her kids were interested, that is why she made me the dependant. Now that the house is built and I’m living in the house for three years, they feel the need to take ownership /occupation.

Mr Abrahams, however, was never interested in his mother or siblings at the time.

Due to the harassment and going in and out of court, my children therefore live with my mother, from Mondays to Fridays and also because for schooling purposes. However, they are with me over weekends and holidays.

As for the inheritances, his mother’s wish, known by all, was for me to live in the property.

Coming to the harassment messages he mentions, I don’t know who he is referring to sending him these messages.

I should be the one complaining of harassment because he’s been driving up and down my road with different cars even a government car (his work vehicle). He even phoned my workplace and told my human resource (HR) manager that I should get out of the house. He has been advised by HR not to call there several times. He even harassed me via letters, post, SMS, emails and social media.

My belongings were moved back into the property by the community and not myself.

I feel the City of Cape Town should be held liable for this seeing that the house belongs to them for eight years, as per RDP law, and as they handed the key over to me.

* This correspondence is now closed.