School keeps it clean

Eco-bricks are made with non-recyclable waste and cooldrink bottles.

Volunteers at Steenberg Primary School celebrated World Clean-up Day on Saturday September 15.

Pupils collected litter on the school premises which they converted into eco-bricks which are made with two litre cooldrink bottles filled with non-recyclable rubbish. These eco-bricks were then used to make garden bed borders and other garden craft projects.

Pupils also collected organic waste for composting which was put in Plantup-za garden growbags, the proceeds of sales of which go toward funding children’s garden clubs, through which pupils learn to grow fruit and vegetables from scratch.

The club is in need of adult volunteers to help erect a fence enclosing their garden area.

Contact the school on 021 701 4293 or Plantup-za (PUZA) on 082 223 4956 before term ends on Friday September 28 to volunteer or to donate towards installing more growbags for both vegetable plots and fruit trees at various school community gardening projects.