Sid G Rule Primary hits top notes

Tryone Roberts with Sid G principal Anton Yon and Crystal Roberts.

A Sid G Rule Primary School pupil is making all the right noises and has been recognised by the University of South Africa’s (UNISA) Directorate of Music for his efforts.

Last year Tyrone Roberts, who was nine at the time, took part in two external music exams at UNISA and scored two distinctions with 82 percent for his practical exam and 95 percent for his theory exam, earning him a roll of honour award.
Tyrone, who plays the piano and the recorder, was exposed to music from an early age through church and other family members who played in church bands.

His mother Crystal Roberts, a music teacher at Sid G Rule Primary, said she is extremely proud of her son and the school for honing in on pupils’ music talents and holistic well-being through music.

“In former years music was part of school’s curriculum, until 1994. In 2014 Sid G Rule employed me as a music teacher to oversee the development of classroom music teaching aspects, music aspects of life skills, choir singing and music and movement.

“Music improves visual and verbal skills, broadens one’s vocabulary, improves science and mathematics, reduces depression, stress and 
anxiety which are only a few to mention. The fact that we are one of the only public schools to provide this to our learners is progress,” said Ms Roberts.

School principal Anton Yon said the school is ecstatic about Tyrone’s achievement.

“Our music department is growing which we are very excited about because research has shown that those who play and read music have an advantage when it comes to academic achievement so we are able to give them a holistic education,” said Mr Yon.
Tyrone said he has always had a love for music.

“Music is within me. I was born to play music. I am very proud of myself and in future I see myself playing all over the world doing what I love. All children should be given the opportunity to play music because it opens up a whole new world to them,” he said.

Tyrone thanked his mother and father for helping him on his musical journey.

The school asks for any donations of unused instruments to help pupils refine their music talents with the help of the Genesis Music Project which was launched to empower children from disadvantaged communities through music.
To donate, contact the school on 021 706 2380.