Stand down

Sheryl Smith, Ottery, secretary, Civic Association

We refer to the article “Freedom Park Block” (Southern Mail, March 22).

Kindly be advised that as of Wednesday March 8, Shabodien Roomaney no longer acts as the chairperson of the Ottery Civic Association (OCA) and therefore any statements made by
him are made in his personal capacity and does not reflect the views of the OCA or the community as a collective.

Kindly note that in the event Mr Roomaney provided you with statements before he stepped down as chairperson of the OCA on Wednesday March 8, then we require that you clarify this in your next edition.

The article, as it stands, gives the impression that the views expressed by Mr Roomaney are the views of the current OCA committee, and this is not the case.

The current OCA committee still awaits a response from the City of Cape Town with regard to their objections lodged by the due date as required by the City on Monday February 27.

With regard to the statement made by Brett Herron, kindly note that we deny the contents of his statement as being factually incorrect. The residents of Ottery have lodged individual objections and to date have not received a response.

We will be seeking clarity from Mr Herron and the office of the mayor with regard to the statement he has provided.