Support Lavender Hill kids

Ralph Bouwers, chief executive officer, The Guardians of the National Treasure (GNT), Lavender Hill

Soccer and netball teams have been established as a diversion to counter gangsterism.

However, Lavender Hill Football Club (LHFC) and Lavender Hill Netball Club (LHNC) need support.

The Guardians of the National Treasure (GNT) will be having its annual Christmas Day meal for 1 000 youth.

The GNT offers its Christmas Day to make sure kids without stable family homes have a nice meal on Christmas Day .

The GNT will be working in Lavender Hill to bring about change for our next generation.

We will be focusing on sport and recreation, arts and culture, youth and education and body and soul to reach our troubled youth with the hope of changing their destiny.

We are confident the above approach will bring about a change in their behaviour and outlook to a meaningful structured future.

Sport is the key component to community spirit and wellness hence our appeal to help with kindness.

We secured the following items already for the Christmas meal: 1.4 x 100l pots of breyani and cooldrinks.

We still need dessert, a party pack to leave with (sweets, chips, lollipop etc), hiring of plates and cutlery (we are setting up full sit down dinner table ).

For more information feel free to contact me on 078 629 3258.