Vaccination against polio

* Sister Cheryl Adams administering the polio vaccine to a five-year-old at Pumpkin Patch Daycare.

The Western Cape Health Department has rolled out a supplementary immunisation campaign for children.

Hundreds of children at pre-schools will be vaccinated against polio, dewormed and will also be given vitamin A supplements during the campaign, which kicked off on Monday October 31 and runs until Friday November 18.

Nurses from the Retreat Community Health Care Centre visited Pumpkin Patch Care Centre and Teddy’s Educare in Sharedon Park last week when they immunised over 40 children.

Parents must ensure children up to the age of five receive vitamin A supplementation, nutritional screening and deworming.

Parents can take their children to the clinic to get these treatments or ensure that they sign consent forms for it to be done at creches, preschools, day-cares and children’s homes.

To read more about the campaign, visit the Western Cape Health Department website at