‘We pay our rates and taxes’

George Wyngaard, Wynberg

Johan van der Merve of the City of Cape Town stated that we the public must report stolen covers, potholes, filthy streets etc (“Keep eyes and ears to the ground”, Southern Mail letters, October 10). He says the residents must be his ears and eyes on the ground.

Where are all the eyes and ears of all the ward councillors that were voted and are paid a hefty salary plus a car allowance and petrol allowance?

We have never seen them patrolling their ward areas. Their main duties are to attend meetings and functions.

We pay our rates and taxes so that we can receive 100% service delivery, also to have our areas looking decent and respectful.

Walking along Strand Street, Cape Town, opposite the Castle and along side the railway station building recently, I was disgusted at the mess in the street, sidewalks and on the grass verge alongside the Castle.

I observed three large drains without covers and with dirt therein that have been there for a long time. I’m surprised that nobody fell into the open drains.

Dirt was lying all over the sidewalks and in the stormwater channels also in front of the Railway Police section.

Taxis were parked and being washed on the sidewalk, thus causing pedestrians to walk in the busy street and hoping not to be knocked over.

If Mr Van der Merwe is really serious, he should get his directors, top management and councillors to open their eyes and take full responsibility for the cleaning of the “Mother City”, including all wards within the City of Cape Town.

Once this is achieved, I and the majority of the people living in Cape Town will be proud again of our city.