We stand behind Monty

Keith Alfred Adolph Blake, Ottery

The letter “Dissenting voice” (Southern Mail letters, August 17) refers.

There is a saying that a person with a set mindset can either be destructive, vindictive or constructive about a person’s character or a subject when they put pen to paper.

Sometimes as one reads people’s comment, one wanders why was it written in such a manner as to destroy or break down.

I do not easily give compliments unless I know about you and I see for myself or I hear from others what kind of person you are.

I also make my assessment on a person’s manner of responding to correspondence.

For a long time, and on many different issues, I have been dealing with ward councillor Monty Oliver and no matter what I throw at him issues are addressed by him and his absolute brilliant right hand man Gavin Campbell.

I have been at a few of Councillor Oliver’s social events at the De Wet Road civic in Ottery and (seen him) as he mingles with his community.

I have seen him in action at community police forums in Lansdowne and we know as members of this ward we have the right public servant at the helm of our municipal ship.

Just recently we had two major issues in our Ottery Gardens area and when the emails flowed, we received the desired outcome because the councillor saw what we saw and soon a criminal getaway-route is going to be closed.

So to all out there in the political landscape, no road user is perfect. There are lots of potholes – some legal some illegal – but councillor, we the residents of your ward appreciate you and believe all your public funds are in order as you have not been summoned to any Hawk or Sparrow or Eagle units to come and give warning statements.

We stand behind you, councillor Monty Oliver. That’s why you are still in the municipal service delivery throne of Ward 63 and we are truly fortunate to have you there and that is a majority choice – ours.