Work with community

Clive Alex Jacobs, Lavender Hill

Well done to those elected and re-elected. An epic five years is looming and there is no sign of a better tomorrow for our dull communities.

The only hope I foresee is when those re-elected councillors up their game by allowing the communities to work with them. The newly elected officials can become instantly appreciated if they let community leaders and youth leaders share ideas and experience.

Wards 68 and 72 have great, experienced councillors, however, there needs to be an open door policy and transparency.

No ward councillor can work without the voice of the community. The duties of a ward councillor are to walk the walk with communities and talk the talk in order to have a balanced understanding within the rights of humanity.

Ward councillors must have public meetings as much as they can; and be friendly and not angry when they are criticised as they will always have challenges.

There can be a fruitful relationship if those elected become approachable and create an open door policy with a non political conversation.