Youth cadets launched in Retreat

Aubrey Robinson and Simon Marwan spoke at the launch of the Retreat cadet programme.

The Retreat branch of the Cape Town Youth Cadets was launched on Saturday July 27 with much excitement.

The cadet programme has about 140 cadets, including four officers, is based at the Cafda School of Skills and Training and takes place every Saturday morning from 8.30am to 12.30pm.

The programme is not only focused on drilling but also youth development and life skills.

Chairperson Aubrey Robinson said they also concentrate on religious teaching. “Religion and tolerance among all religions and beliefs is something which is a priority in our programme. We have a strong code of conduct that everyone must adhere to when they become part of our organisation. Our main focus and vision is to transform, discipline and restore respect back into our youth,” he said.

Mr Robinson thanked those who participated and gave a word of encouragement to the youngsters at the launch on Saturday. The speakers were Bishop Templeton Mbekwa and Pastor Paul Phillips who are both members of the South African Interfaith Religious Forum. Norman Fredericks, founder of the board game, Millionaire in the Making, also did an educational presentation.

“We as the Cape Town Youth Cadets would like to become part of all our primary and high schools. We know what’s happening at our schools and we know that discipline and respect start at home and when we have disciplined children we will have better learners at schools and better members in our communities,” said Mr Robinson.

Those who are interested in joining the cadet programme, can call or WhatsApp Mr Robinson on 064 602 8533.