Boeka table for pupils

Muslim children who fasted every day in Ramadaan were treated with a boeka table.

Adele Campbelll, community worker, Lavender Hill

The non-profit organisation, Wicht Court Association, is 10 years old and among our main focus is making sure each pupil gets a bowl of porridge and two slices of bread every morning before school.

We are a group of eight women who rise early in the morning and cook for our underprivileged pupils.

With Ramadaan, our Muslim pupils made us proud to fast the whole day in this holy month forgetting their circumstances and trusting the Almighty for change in their homes.

As an organisation we, and the community members in our area, helped our fellow Muslims to have an open Boeka (Iftar) with food, drinks and cake, on Friday April 7 for them and their immediate families.