Turning the tide against crime in Ottery

Thorayah Coetzee, Ottery

What good can come from Ottery? The minute you hear Ottery, you think of gangsterism and drugs, but there are so many good people and organisations making a difference.

Normally it’s always women at the forefront. Women are passionate. They want to see their children safe. They are always fighting for a better and safer future. But I want to highlight a particular group of people, the Crime Busters.

With all the cable theft and crime in our area, the men – our dads, brothers, and husbands – stood up and said enough is enough.

They take to the roads every night and even for call-outs when mothers have issues with their disobedient kids.

There’s been such a behaviour change and crime has dropped tremendously.

We haven’t heard of cables or water meters being stolen, and there are very few break-ins.

On behalf of the residents of Ottery Flats and back streets, we salute your good work keeping us safe. We appreciate every effort you put into our community.

Your time given to ensure we sleep peacefully is well noted.

• Grassy Park police spokesperson Captain Wynita Kleinsmith responds: Crime definitely decreased and we are aware of this group.