First day of ’big school’

Mom Melvina De Wee with son Zion Williams and Grade R teacher Freda Court.

It was a smooth start to the first day of school at Levana Primary School except for a couple of hiccups as anxious and excited parents lined up at the gates of the Lavender Hill school.

The new school year kicked off for 1.1 million pupils in the Western Cape last week, including more than 100 000 Grade 1s and over 97 000 Grade 8s.

Because of Covid restrictions not all parents were allowed in at Levana, but many came to see their children off early on Wednesday morning January 19, causing a bit of congestion.

Teacher Althena Ephraim takes the registry for her Grade R class.

Acting principal Shamiega Charity said despite the initial flood of parents, some with no masks, staff were able to get the parents’ co-operation and all was well when the new pupils made their way to their designated classrooms with minimal tears.

Grade 1 pupils watch as a teacher takes them through the days of the week.
Graad R1 teacher Shereen Mamba pastes the name tag for one of the pupils.