Helping creatives on a path to greatness

Jackeline Daniels and Cassiem Majoiet will co-ordinate the 'Explosive Talent Show'.

A Retreat organisation is on a mission to give local artists a platform to showcase and master their talent.

The Imagine Art Company, under the auspices of Retreat NPO Turning the Tide, is inviting residents from all over to participate in its Explosive Talent Show, on Friday March 10, at Steenberg High School.

Singers, dancers, poets, storytellers, comics, actors or artists of any genre from ages 18 to 30 can take part in the three-week knockout rounds starting on Monday February 6. Co-ordinator Cassiem Majiet said the competition was unlike any other.

“There are many competitions out there, but what often happens after a competition is that people get cash prizes and then it is forgotten, and people go on with their lives. We want to take it further to nurture and develop artists,” said Mr Majiet.

He said that after the competition the organisation would make provision for all the contestants to go on a camp where they would attend workshops and hear motivational talks by some people who are in the industry.

“From there, we will try to give them support and, hopefully, by the end of the year, we can have a big event to showcase the artists to the community.

“Winning money is important because we all want to make money, but how do you utilise that money to develop and make more money to make it sustainable?” asked Mr Majiet.

Aspiring thespian Jackeline Daniels, who is also one of the co-ordinators of the event, knows the difficulties of getting into the industry.

“I studied drama and I’ve registered with casting agencies, but I know from personal experience that it is not easy getting into the market. There’s not a lot of platforms, so it’s difficult. Yet we have so much talent in our communities, but they don’t know where to go. This is a stepping stone for them to get the exposure and guidance they need,” said Ms Daniels, who now runs her own business in puppet theatre called The Storybook Theatre.

“We are all creators and artists. Sometimes we’re just born into circumstances that don’t allow us to express our talent. Art is a way of healing and it brings us all together. So we need to keep art alive,” said Ms Daniels.

The three-week knockout competition will have prizes on offer for the top-three winners.

If you are interested in the competition, you can attend the debriefing at Retreat library on Monday February 6, from 9am to noon, and Saturday February 11, from 5pm to 7pm.

For more information contact Cassiem Majiet at 083 797 4306 or email Jackeline Daniels at WhatsApp at 081 339 1423.