Hip hop siblings have all the right moves

Demi and Keno Hendricks started dancing four years ago.

By Roshan Abrahams

Demi and Keno Hendricks, pupils of Delta Primary School in Steenberg, lit up the stage, when they qualified for Western Province colours entry, at the Hip Hop Unite 2021 competition, in September.

The siblings started dancing four years ago at G2 Performing Arts Movement, in Retreat, which was selected to represent South Africa in Agen, France, at the Hip Hop Unite World Championships later this month (“Retreat dancers headed to France”, Southern Mail, November 3).

Demi, 11, in Grade 5 and Keno, 12, in Grade 6 joined the group called “The Favourites”.

Their mother Lynne Hendricks said her kids grew up with song and dance in their hearts. “In our home, dance and singing is a common language – we karaoke and dance every weekend.”

Ms Hendricks explained how the siblings participated in the Hip Hop Unite 2021 competition. “There is a point system, and they met the point criteria to qualify for Western Province colours entry.”

“On the other hand, Demi has mastered Gqom (an African dance), and Keno does well in freestyle battles. We hope that they will expand their talent into other genres as they grow.”

Demi and Keno Hendricks, attend Delta Primary School, in Steenberg.

Ms Hendricks said the siblings were “academically very strong and have great social skills”.

“Keno would like to be a dance choreographer one day, but full time, in a more professional engineering field, while Demi would like to be in forensics. We are looking at adding gymnastics to her portfolio,” said Ms Hendricks.