Mandela Day in Eagle Park

Beverly Mgondra, Asanda Yawa, Thoama Lucy Mxesibe and Mandisa Florida Mxesibe from Eagle Park receive food hampers.

International humanitarian organisation Ashraful Aid collaborated with various organisations to package and distribute over 500 food hampers in Eagle Park for Mandela Day.

Johanna McGregor from Eagle Park was overjoyed when she received her food hamper on Mandela Day.

Volunteers from the University of Cape Town and University of the Western Cape’s Outreach programmes assisted the organisation along with staff from Capitec Bank and Rafee Adarajat as well as organisation Invisible hands supplied the food at the community mosque hall in Hanekom Road, Eagle Park.

Volunteers packaged and distributed over 500 food hampers for Mandela Day.

The organisation’s main focus is food security and they assist over 50 countries worldwide. At the Mandela Day event, the organisation assisted seniors, single parents, child headed homes and widows first and the rest of the families were assisted with packages.