MEC lays down challenge to gangs

Albert Fritz, Community Safety MEC

We are witnessing an attempted fightback from gangs on the Cape Flats.
I want gangsters to know that they will not win. The time for terrorising communities has come to an end.
I call on the SAPS intelligence and detective services to urgently identify and arrest the gang leaders who give the orders to shoot.
Both intelligence and detective services need to work together to ensure convictions of gang bosses, not just hitmen.
I reiterate the City of Cape Town’s call for police to visit the state-of-the-art Transport Management Centre to improve intelligence gathering and sharing.
I further call upon communities to work with their local police and law enforcement to provide information leading to the successful, detection, arrest and conviction of these criminals and gangsters.
You can contact 10111 or the City of Cape Town’s emergency hotline on 021 480 7700.
Additionally, illegal firearms can be reported to 078 330 9333.
Thanks to the deployment of the SANDF and the increase in law enforcement, we are already beginning to see a change in statistics, and consequently gang-related violence.
Statistics reveal that last weekend, there were 25 alleged murder admissions.
This is more than half of the number of murders prior to the announcement and deployment of the SANDF.