Cause I gotta talk about this crazy world that we live in

Cause we all tryna fit in

Others shoes we wanna be in

And wars are beginning cause we judge each other by our religion

Man I’m sick and tired of our society

So many fake people these days I wanna name em piracy

And today’s generation always talking about being faded

They talking about higher grades but they ain’t even educated

Like a doorknob the truth they can’t handle

And when you tell them where you from they wanna judge you like Randall

I see this happening everyday but from different angles

But you’ll never stop my fire cause I’m way too lit like a candle

And our education we all putting on a stand still

Instead of being in class we all run from Mr Mackrill

But our government man they want things to change

But how is that gon happen if our government can’t even spell change

So how about we change 2016

But tell me first how many youngsters ain’t seen 16

Gangsterism that’s gotta be the blame

Cause these homies can hold a gun but their life ain’t gotta aim

Another is unemployment and poverty

But how we gon stop that with this country’s economy

They say the boys in hood are up to no good

But me and my homies here are just tryna heal the hood

– by Shane Jacobs, Athlone High