Move planned for Lotus River CDC

The Lotus River Community Day Centre (CDC) will move to a new premises and the Department of Health wants residents’ input on the matter.

The department said the old prefabricated building on the corner of Dehlia and Anita roads in Lotus
River had become too small and outdated to offer the services required of it.

Health department spokesperson Monique Johnstone explained: “The facility has small waiting areas with limited space for integrated rehabilitation services.

“The oral health services are separate to the main block of the facility. The medical records storage space and pharmacy area space is limited as well.”

She added that the ongoing maintenance costs of the old facility were not sustainable.

A site has been proposed for the new facility on the corner of George and Lower Strandfontein Road in Lotus River.

On Saturday June 30 a public participation session will be held
where residents will have an opportunity to provide input about the new proposed site and listen to the health committee and department’s presentation for a new state-of-the-art facility.

A timeline for when building will commence has not been established because the department is only the first phase of the process.

The meeting will be the first step in a process of public participation opportunities.

Thereafter, other channels of communication and feedback will be made available for comment.

The meeting will take place at the Lotus River Multi-purpose Hall on the corner of Buck Road and 5th Avenue from 3pm to 5pm.

Ms Johnstone encourage all residents to attend and listen to the presentation.

Ward councillor William Akim also encouraged people to attend the meeting.

“There are big plans
ahead and the aim is to not only make it a day hospital but a facility with social workers and rental offices.

“This is very good for the area because the current facility is outdated and past its sell by date.

“A proper facility is needed in the area ,” said Mr Akim.

For further details contact
the facility manager, Sr Gaironessa Jones, on 021 703 3137 or email