Ottery entrepreneur defies the odds with new album

Sue-Kelly Maneveld, known by her stage name Shiny launched an album called Medicine.

Up-and-coming artist, Sue-Kelly Maneveld who goes by the stage name, Shiny, has launched a debut solo album titled Medicine.

The singer and songwriter, who hails from a humble background in Ottery, started writing and recording music in 2013.

Her love for music and the arts started when she was a toddler.

“I used to perform for neighbours as a child and the passion grew. I always had a passion for writing poems and music. My parents didn’t see it as a career and encouraged me to do something viable,” recalls the singer.

While following a traditional career in the beauty industry, which speaks to her entrepreneurial spirit, she did not give up on her passion.

Despite health concerns, Shiny has persevered.

“I went into hair and beauty, but once things fell into place, I started writing music again. I recorded my first song eight years ago so it’s been in the pipeline for a long time.”

Asked about the album, she said: “Things have been rough for all of us. I want my music to bring that ease and comfort during these tough and trying times.”

The “poetic pop” genre artist is also a final-year law student who runs a beauty business, Be-Dazzle in Claremont and Access Park. She also presented a radio show on UCT campus radio.

She dedicates time to giving inspirational talks to women and children from abusive households, caring for the elderly and less fortunate, which speaks to her humanitarian nature but she has also faced her own personal struggle.

Sue-Kelly’s lungs are only functioning at 50% capacity as a result of contracting tuberculosis. She has to mentally and physically prepare for recording time in the studio.

“Doctors discovered a hole in my lung. Half of my lungs are working, so it’s a lot to prepare for when I go into recording.”

She believes the album has all the ingredients needed to be a massive success and aid as an antidote to trying times.

The album is available on all digital platforms with her music video available on YouTube, readers can follow her story and progress on all social media platforms as well.