Supporting the cause

Keith Blake, Ottery

I read the article titled “Illegal dumping draws disaster” on January 30 on the front page of the Southern Mail and some other articles regarding illegal dumping. What the crux of these articles is, is the severe bemoaning by ward councillors in the Ottery and Parkwood areas of the out of control illegal dumping by very “morsig” people. There seems there is no end in sight to this illegal epidemic if one reads the contents of these articles.

What struck me like a dirt truck full of waste is there is no mentioned anywhere about the proposed recycle or drop-off plant planned to be built behind the open waste ground behind the Klip Cemetery.

I had personally seen the computerised pictures of this drop-off site that would advance employment from the community, where recycling goods could be sold and this would alleviate illegal dumping.

Now my big question is, councillors Akim and Rossouw why is this as silent as the graves in the cemetery. Where are the plans you had to build this recycle plant and why is it not mentioned in your media briefings? Please respond to this as I am hoping the tongues are one and not forked.

Ward 66 councillor William Akim responds:

The construction component of the multi funded project will be re-phased to the 2019/ 2020 financial year and it is anticipated that the construction will start in August this year.

Ward 66 residents who are on the Sub-council 18 job database will get temporary job opportunities.

This will surely assist the City Of Cape Town solid waste department with the challenges we are facing with illegal dumping in our Ward 66. Residents will now have the opportunity to drop off their garden refuse, building rubble, plastic and paper, which can be recycled at no cost.