The beauty of Ottery

A rainbow covers Ottery in this picture from 2018.

Christo Williams, community leader, Ottery

Ottery let me say this: I love you; you are beautiful (but) you’ve been rejected and thrown to the side by many. But, to me you are a gem (and) with all your imperfections and shortcomings, I still love you.

God chose us for each other. I pledge to serve you, but I must be honest some days you make me cry.

On many occasions I told myself I’m not coming back to you.

I’m done but, a higher call and deeper call for change, justice and purpose pull me to your streets day after day. I realise it’s not you, you are loving, protective and bursting with potential.

Your people are ruining your name but we are busy rewriting your story; we are shedding light on the beautiful things about you that no one mentions.

Ottery, let me say this: You and your people are beautiful.