Tribute to a leader

Karen Booysen, Seawinds

“However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me”

This scripture (Acts 20 verse 24) personifies the life of the late Lisa Smith, 63, who passed away peacefully on Wednesday May 31.

She was the go-to person in her family and surrounding community. The one who all adored.

A hard worker who did everything possible to make life worth living for her family.

A Christian with the strongest faith ever. She knew all things are possible.

Lisa selflessly offered her time with other community members to ensure the streets of Seawinds and the surrounding areas were safe. While we slept, Lisa, irrespective of her health condition, would walk the streets with the neighbourhood watch and prayer group.

She joined a seniors’ group, namely the Young Ones in Seawinds, where she later became the co-ordinator. She was born to lead.

The container, as she called it, became her second home. The seniors and neighbourhood watch became part of her family circle.

All she could talk about was them and the plans she had for the place and running the projects. Different programmes were taking place such as knitting classes and support groups, all of which Lisa was part of.

All she wanted to see is a change in her community.

She truly considered her life worth nothing. She received a task from the Lord and her ultimate goal was to finish this task while she was running her race on earth. She did just that and more.

Her race is now complete. A crown has been given to her as a good and faithful servant.

We want to salute a woman of strength for her sacrifices made.

Words will never be enough. We will miss her but she will forever remain in our hearts and thoughts.

* Ms Smith was laid to rest on Saturday, June 10.