Uproar about Lakeview tavern

While work has already started to extend a liquor outlet in Chad Road, Lakeview, residents are still angry that the property’s rezoning application was approved.

A portion of the property was rezoned from single residential to local business and an approval was also granted to permit a place of entertainment and the sale of alcoholic beverages on the property.

The Ratepayers’ Association for Lakeview Residents (RALR) now want a meeting with Mayor Patricia de Lille.

The say there are already enough liquor outlets in nearby Retreat Road and are also concerned about anti-social behaviour around the outlet and an increase in traffic.

The General Appeals Committee of the City of Cape Town approved the rezoning on March 10.

Residents had objected to the rezoning application two years ago and it was at first refused by Sub-council 20 on May 18 2016.

Eddie Andrews, mayoral committee member for area south, said applications follow a stringent system and due process was followed in this case.

Mr Andrews said reasons for the approval included that the area to be rezoned for business purposes was small. The proposal would not impact on the character of the area and the property would retain a predominant residential area. The area to be rezoned was orientated towards Chad Road, away from the nearby residential properties. There was adequate on-street parking available.

RALR chairperson Monica Petersen disagreed with the outcome and said the area around the property is a hub for illegal activity and unsavoury characters.

“The property is an eyesore and breaks down the character of Lakeview. We are cross and we feel the City is failing our working communities.”

Ms Petersen said there are too many liquor outlets in Retreat Road, opposite Lakeview: “We don’t need more liquor outlets in residential communities where alcohol abuse is the order of the day. We need rehabilitation centres and more educational outreach programmes or facilities.”

Lakeview resident Mark Abrahams said he doesn’t approve of the liquor outlet because the traffic flow currently is a major concern and “this would add to the problem. Crime has already escalated in Lakeview and this outlet will bring in more unwanted elements in the area.”

Ms Petersen said the area is already congested with traffic: “Our streets cannot accommodate big trucks, where are these South African Brewery (SAB) trucks going to park. These trucks are going to break our pavements and roads.”

Ms Petersen said the RALR “clearly see that the City “does not have the residents’ interest at heart” by approving this outlet. “We will be taking this matter further and will be speaking to the ward councillor (Kevin Southgate) to set up a meeting with Ms De Lille”

Owner Denise Brink was surprised that residents still have an issue with the liquor licence.

“Before I traded illegally but I applied for the licence and was approved. I don’t understand why people say that my place attracts crime. People from the area come here, sit and relax to drink and when they’re done they go home. It’s a safe meeting place for those who want to enjoy a drink,” said Ms Brink.

“I am only trying to put food on the table for my family by making an honest living. I also employ people so I don’t understand why people have such an issue with the liquor licence,” she said.

Meanwhile, Warrant Officer John Bartlett, spokesperson for Steenberg police, said if any crime is witnessed in the area complaints can be forwarded to the Sector Commander, Sergeant Lynn Petersen at 079 894 1691 or call Steenberg police at 021 702 9000.