Voters vote

Keith Blake, Ottery

Today, Wednesday August 3, the registered voters of South Africa have the hard-fought for constitutional right to vote for the political party they believe will lead us into a brighter and better future.

Each voter will be influenced by past political performances or by future political promises.

Some of the voters, with a forgiving nature and heart, will vote for their favoured political parties to give them a second or a third or a fourth chance since the dawn of our democracy.

Voters are the very important people at the voting stations as their votes decide who is to govern their municipalities and these political victories indicate to the political parties where their strengths or weaknesses are on the political playing field.

This voting session will be one of the most important political events in our history and that is the reason why every voter must vote as each and every vote means your word and my vote will be rewriting or guiding the fragile future of South Africa – hopefully to one of strength and prosperity for all our citizens.

The result of our votes is a measuring tool for politicians on the mood of the citizens and this will guide and dictate policies and amendments to the political laws. Vote voters vote, viva, vote voters vote.