Warning to be wary of robberies at station

Wynberg police have issued a warning to residents and commuters to be vigilant when in the area because they’ve seen a sharp increase in robberies and theft out of motor vehicles.

Captain Silvino Davids, spokesperson for the station, asked residents not to expose their valuables in public or in parked cars because of the spike in these crimes.

Some of the hot spots mentioned include the Wynberg CBD, Main Road, Station Road, Piers Road, at railway stations and subways and public parking areas.

Captain Davids recommends not being alone in isolated areas. “People come from ATMs with large amounts of cash and people are always sitting with their phones or walking with their earphones in their ears. In the morning it’s particularly common for criminals to strike when they see commuters who go through the subways. This happens from about 5.30am but it continues throughout the day. These criminals are very opportunistic and will take any chance to try and rob someone,” said Captain Davids.

He said there have been many robbery cases reported at Park Road and Wittebome station.

“I suggest when people are in the area to rather take another route or try your best not to walk alone. Always walk in groups or stay close to other people. It’s when people are isolated that they become a victim. At the moment that is out biggest headache because we have cases opened at the station without fail – week in and week out,” said Captain Davids.

“I am asking people to please be more careful, check your surroundings, walk in groups and keep valuables out of sight. Keep your phone out of sight. This will help to
prevent becoming a victim” said Captain Davids.

He also encouraged residents to report any suspicious activities or persons to the police for investigation. “Report all cases so we can follow up and act on it,” he said.