Youth take action against abuse

Youngsters participated in a workshop on bullying on Wednesday December 9.

Non-profit company Limitless Legacy mobilised youngsters for an awareness campaign which was organised as part of the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children.

Among the activities was the distribution of pamphlets containing information on where to go if anyone should find themselves in an abusive situation. This took place at Retreat railway station, on Thursday December 10.

The organisation’s founder, Henrietta Du Preez said they limited participation to 20 boys in line with the Covid-19 protocols.

“The boys are all empowered and educated on GBV (gender based violence. We also walked from Lavender Hill through the area with a banner ‘Break the silence’,” she said.

“The people’s response was totally awesome and as the boys walked with the banner the oncoming traffic was hooting in support of the innovative.

“It was absolutely amazing and it gave the boys more confidence.The actual handing out of the pamphlets was a huge success as the boys handed out the bullying pamphlets to school-going children.

Youth took part in an awareness drive at Retreat railway station on Thursday December 10, handing out pamphlets with information on who to call when you need to report an abusive situation.

“The men were reading the pamphlets and that was a goal reached as they will understand better about gender-based violence.

“The information shared was about bullying – the different types of bullying and what is violence against women. We also made an information card with contact details on if anyone should find themselves in an abusive situation.”

But before they were sent out to raise awareness about bullying and abuse, the youth themselves were educated about them at a workshop on Wednesday December 9.

“We are currently running a gender based violence course with the boys. It’s a three-month course which the boys will graduate from.

“We started in February this year then Covid 19 hit and we could not continue. So, now we are up and running. We did a refreshment assessment and the awareness drive is part of their practical. The practical consists of public speaking and raising awareness around GBV. They will graduate next February.”

Ms Du Preez said she had been working with the boys since 2018.