Strong women

Clive Jacobs, Lavender Hill

Women should be celebrated every day. Women produce sterling work around their country and in their communities.

You never get to highlight all the importance of what they deliver, whether it’s outreach or empowering or development.

It’s important that women are acknowledged for their contribution within society.

I met quite a few strong women over my period of being a community activist and they are all outstanding.

Take one woman who is standing tall through all the pain and disappointments to get her business to where it is now. She raised the bar and her confidence and now she walks with her community and spends half of her income on community projects such as soup and feeding kitchens. schools, churches, preschools and NGOs with equipment and daily delivery of bread – she is Silvia Petersen, owner of Ikeys liquor shop.

I feel that people in businesses have become demotivated due to Covid-19 but this woman rose above. She is just one example of the strong women we have within our communities.

Thanks Sylvia, to you and many other businesswomen who plough back in your community.