Respect goes a long way

Valentia Lottriet, manager of the Village Aged.

There are young people who care about making a difference in their community. This was clear on Sunday November 12 when youngsters came in droves to pamper and treat the elderly of Village Aged Care Centre, in Seawinds.

Four non-profit organisations, including car crews such as German Freaks, Loyal Germans, Dub Familia and Cape Deutschland crew as well a day spa Infinity Inc, treated the aged to foot and nail treatments, while the car crews
played games and braaied for lunch.

Motivational speaker Sheila Leukas opened the event, with a few words of thanks for the seniors.

“We are here to show our appreciation for your life’s journey. One day we will be sitting on your side of the room, so we want to thank you for raising your children through trials and disappointments. We may not be your (biological) children, but we are a product of your offspring.”

Brandon Coetzee, executive member of German Freaks, started in 2015, said they realised that they could make a difference by giving back to the community. “We were just a group of friends who were all interested in racing and showing off our cars, It came to a point where friends, became family. Then the car club no longer revolved around cars and speed, we realised that we can actually make a difference by giving back to our community. We do attend some cars shows but because our cars attract the youngsters, we take the opportunity while we have their attention, to show them that there is more to life than smoking
weed, drinking and killing each other.”

Loyal Germans was co-founded by Monique Davids, Nathan Davids, Craig Galant and Lisa Adams on Saturday September 30, with three friends and their cars. “Today we have 16 cars and 26 people and still growing as a fresh, new club,” said Mr Davids.

The Pelican Park-based club’s mission is to help people and they do charity work, helping communities of all ages. “We do matric balls, weddings, family time, socials and more.”

Mark Titus, of the Dub Familia, lives in Muizenberg, but the club members are from Grassy Park, Lotus River, Mitchell’s Plain, Brackenfell, Ottery, Athlone, Ruyterwacht, Belhar, Delft, Kensington, Bontheheuwel and Seawinds.

“Dub Familia is a car club that pays tribute to various Volkwagen models and marques. We were established in 2016, because we share a passion for people and for cars.

“We are always willing to assist with charitable causes and events. Dub Familia contributed toiletries, in the form of a toiletry packs for each person at the home,” said Mr Titus.

Cape Deutschland was established in June and its members are from all over the Cape as well, said Faaiq Hardien.

Faieka Isaacs of Seawinds, who recently started her own business, Infinity Inc, with her sister Rizaan van Graan, said German Freaks invited them to pamper the seniors. “We helped because we saw it as a great opportunity to spend time with them.”

Nine years ago, Valentia Lottriet, manager of the Village Aged Care Centre, took over from her mother-in-law Mary, who died three years ago. She said she was grateful for the clubs who was making the residents’ day. “The residents love it here. They are so attached to our staff and they enjoy our company.”

Resident Charles Jacobs, 69, said: “We are crazy about Valencia. We are blessed to be spoiled by various organisations.”

Mr Jacobs said he was happy to say that in Seawinds even the “gangsters have respect” for them. “One day I was outside when gang-
sters were shooting in the road and one guy stopped and said to me ‘pops don’t worry, we won’t hurt you’.”

He add: “I have been here at the centre, for seven years, and I find it very relaxing. We enjoy the people who visit us. We thank these young people who still show respect for their elders.”