Christmas goodies needed

Keith Blake, community leader, Ottery

This is again the time of the year that I am receiving calls from Cape Flats community leaders, including those in the informal settlements of Philippi, Ottery, Parkwood, Wetton, Hanover Park and Wynberg, to assist them with Christmas goodies for the children.

These goodies include sweets, chips, cooldrinks, bunny licks, ice boompies and toys etc.

The Ottery Boyz Mcc Christmas Convoy will be hosting its 11th convoy and it is a major calendar event for those in our community who cannot even afford one sweet.

So we are, God willing, planning to donate these goodies, in a Covid-19 compliant way, on our planned route on Christmas Eve, Saturday December 24.

The route will start at my home, at 18 Trenance Road, Ottery, and, with bikers leading the way, we will visit the identified areas where the goodies will be handed out.

But this can only happen with open hearts and open hands from people who want to donate.

All donations can be directed to the president of the Ottery Boyz Mcc, Morne Blake, at 073 671 8642; vice president, Andre Blake, at 084 390 5282; Tina Blake, at 078 831 1139; or me, at or me, at 073 877 6207.